My Story

becky mauldin detoxificationBecky Mauldin's Health Testimony

Before I tell you my detoxification story, I want to talk about the reality of the world we live in.   Our technological advances have led to the production of a host of foreign compounds that we are now exposed to on a daily basis.   Thousands of environmental toxins permeate every aspect of our air, water, and food, and they make their way into our bodies.  The average American now carries a "body burden" of 700 or more synthetic chemicals, including Teflon residues, plastics, and dozens of pesticides.  Umbilical cord blood of newborn babies has now been found to contain over 200 man-made chemical compounds.

Foreign Chemicals Cause Toxins within the Human Body

The human body was not designed to detoxify so many of these foreign chemicals. The result is that we slowly, silently, stockpile these chemicals in our bodies. What the body cannot detoxify, it stores away in our fat cells.  They slowly build up and begin to damage our cellular chemistry. And eventually, when you are exposed to more than your body can handle, there is a tipping point in which these toxins begin to cause symptoms and then disease.

In my particular case, exposure to toxic chemicals was the main cause of a downward spiraling of my health.  When I was a young adult, I attended the Atlanta College of Art and pursued a career as an artist.  I have worked with all sorts of paints, varnishes, sprays, and other artists materials over the years.  

My tipping point came with the birth of my first child.  I was given drugs in the hospital and between that and the stress of childbirth, my body started down the path of disease.  My body now gave me signs (symptoms) that something was seriously wrong: severe insomnia and a fever that lasted for several weeks began immediately after my daughters birth. I saw a practitioner who used supplements to help me get some sleep, but no one could figure out  the underlying cause of my symptoms.

A year goes by and I still have unrelenting insomnia, but then I also developed even more symptoms: irritability, frequent nosebleeds, extreme fatigue, low appetite, low immune system function, and shortness of breath.  I became allergic to more and more foods and man-made chemicals.  At this point, an MD found that my thyroid function was low and my adrenals were completely exhausted. 

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Problems – Needs Detoxification

As time went on, I eventually developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which is a condition in which your body reacts strongly to chemicals and artificial fragrances.  Because I was so reactive to chemicals, it affected my everyday life in ways that most people could not imagine.  I had to run an air purifier at all times. I could not go shopping at the mall without feeling bad for days.  I could only eat organic food or I would feel worse from the pesticides on conventional produce.  If I bought new clothes, they had to be washed a minimum of 5 times before I could wear them without reacting to the chemicals and dyes that were used in the manufacturing process.  I could not apply anything to my skin unless it was so natural that I could eat it.  I was unable to sleep on a pillow because the foam inside it off gassed chemicals that gave me insomnia.  I reacted to most water that wasn't highly purified.  I could no longer paint or even be around art supplies anymore.  I started feeling terrible when I used a cell phone or computer because of the electromagnetic radiation they emit. 

My reactions consisted of an intense headache, severe insomnia, neurological issues, and depression.  It progressed to the point where I started reacting to everything (this is called a "universal reactor"), and I had to be isolated in a room with an air purifier just to survive. I had to wear a mask just to be able to breathe without reacting when I left that room or the house.  I was about to go on oxygen and in desperation, called my alternative M.D. and asked for help.  He ended up giving me an IV of certain nutrients that helped my body to process toxins, one of which was glutathione.  It helped me become a little less reactive, and I was able to get out of that room, but I needed much more than that to get me well.

At this point I realized that it could be toxic chemicals that were causing my health problems.  I thought some sort of detoxification might help me, but I didn't know where to start.  While I stood in line to check out at a health food store, I saw an article on the cover of a magazine that stood out to me from the rest.   It was about the detoxification of the World Trade Center rescue workers from 9/11. I bought it and read about what these people were experiencing due to toxic exposure.  As I read their stories, I could see my own symptoms starting to make sense.  I felt like this was the missing puzzle piece in my current health problems.

There is nothing like a life-threatening illness to show you more about yourself. I thought I had surrendered my situation to God many times, but I just kept trying to save myself.  My self-preservation instinct kicked in so strong and I kept reaching for anything that would help me.  Finally, I came to the point of surrender.  I remember praying to God, "I give up. I surrender my life to you. If YOU want me to live, YOU are going to have to save me."  And for the first time, I released the death-grip on my own survival.  A huge burden lifted from me.   From that point on, I did not seek and strive for my own health anymore, but trusted that God would show me what to do.

Only 3 days later, a friend that I had not talked to in a while, called to mention that she had met a person that does sauna detoxification.  I got her phone number and when I spoke with this practitioner, I found out she did detoxification cleanses nearly identical to those I had read about with the NY rescue workers.  It became clear to me that God was providing the answer! 

When I started working with her, I was not doing well: I had a constant headache, I was hunched over like an old woman, my muscles had started to waste away, I couldn’t take care of my baby, I was had severe reactions to chemicals, my whole endocrine system was shot (thyroid, adrenals, etc..), and my liver was barely functioning.

Detoxification Program Assisted Healing

Even as I started a detoxification program at her clinic, we didn't have the several thousand dollars that it cost.  But I KNEW that I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do, so I continued to trust Him.  About halfway through the detox program, we were unexpectedly given a large sum of money that more than covered the cost of the program!  It just blew me away how faithful God was!

I went through a 26-day intensive sauna detoxification program at her clinic, which was a medically supervised program that included exercise, far infrared sauna, certain supplements, and an organic, mostly raw food diet.  By the end of that program, I was 60% better, and over the next 6 months I was about 90% better with continued cleansing in a sauna.  The more I detoxified my body, the more my symptoms improved.  I am now free of insomnia, thyroid and adrenal problems, chemical sensitivities, depression, fatigue, and shortness of breath. 

Because of my toxic body burden, my body was basically being poisoned.  It didn’t matter how many great nutrients I took, because toxins that were poisoning me had to be removed before I could get better.  Mainstream medicine could not help me because their drugs are chemicals that would have only made me sicker.

I am sharing my story with you because I want you to see what these man-made chemicals can do to the human body. They damage so many systems in our body: the liver, immune system, endocrine system, and the nervous system.  There are so many chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, and many of them we have control over.  Like the soaps, shampoos, perfumes, colognes, or lotions you apply to your skin every day.  Those go from your skin, right into your bloodstream.  Think about the things you may be exposed to each day.  There are natural alternatives to most of these things that will not be as hazardous to your health.  And it is wise to detoxify your body on a regular basis to reduce the toxic body burden we all now carry.

Hope for the Most Challenging Health Problems through Detoxification

I am also sharing my story to offer HOPE to those who are suffering.  Know this: that there are answers for even the most challenging health problems.  I am a living testimony to the power of alternative medicine.  The health problems I have faced seemed like insurmountable mountains, but even in the midst of it, I kept seeing myself as healthy again one day, and on the other side of those mountains. Ultimately, I had to trust God for my life and my health.  The truth is that God had a plan through the pain.  He knew that I would become stronger through it.   He knew that it would prepare me to become a natural healthcare practitioner.  I know God created me for a purpose, and what I have gone through is now serving a higher purpose – I am now a natural healthcare practitioner who is helping others regain their health.  My only desire is to serve Him with every day that He gives me and to glorify Him in my business.

Becky Mauldin, N.D.