Natural Remedies for Strep Throat

Can you get rid of strep throat naturally?  You bet.  Strep throat is caused by streptococcal (strep) bacteria. There are many different types of strep bacteria. Some cause more serious illness than others.  But with the right supplements, it can be treated naturally. 

Our whole family was recently exposed to the strep bacteria from one of my daughter's friends at school who had it.  My daughter came down with a sore throat, sinus congestion and fatigue.  She did not have a fever, but I knew her body was still fighting off something. 

Along with the cod liver oil she takes every day, I added in some vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry juice concentrate to support her immune system.  For the bacteria, I used a potent anti-bacterial herbal tincture that I use with my clients, called Core Berberine Blend by Energetix.  Energetix's herbal tinctures are much stronger and more effective than any other brands I have used.  I have made my own tinctures, so I know a good quality tincture looks like.  I also like the fact that they contain less alcohol as a preservative than most other brands. 

Her body responded very quickly and her sore throat got better every time I gave her the herbal tincture.  I used a neti pot (a bottle that is easy to use for children- NeilMed Sinus Rinse bottle) to wash the mucus out of her sinuses every day.   In about 24 hours, she was much better.  And by the next day, her sore throat and other symptoms were gone. 

As I was helping my daughter get well, I noticed that my lymph nodes under my jaw were a little tender and swollen.  I took my usual supplements and kept on going.  Then I started feeling bad… really bad…sore throat, fatigue,  nausea, chills, and even a fever.  I have not had strep throat since I was in elementary school and I had forgotten how bad strep can be.  

I quickly started taking more supplements and because my throat had gotten so sore, I needed something to help fast!  I used the Berberine tincture that I had given my daughter and also used it externally on my sore, swollen lymph nodes on my neck and throat area.  Some high quality essential oils applied externally to my neck also helped, but the Berberine worked better then anything.  Within a few hours, my sore throat had lessened in severity and my fever started going down.  The next day, I was markedly better and as I continued taking the supplements and using the essential oils, I was better in no time. 

Because my daughter's symptoms started improving within hours of taking the herbal supplement, I knew that she was going to get better.  Many times, natural remedies can nip infections in the bud quickly.  Taking natural supplements at the first sign of symptoms will produce the best and fastest results.  If you wait until the illness gains a foothold, it can be more effort to heal. 

If I had not seen improvement within a few hours, or if our symptoms had gotten worse, I would not hesitate to see a doctor.  Strep is not something you want to mess around with.  Antibiotics may be necessary, but hopefully…with the right supplements, they won't be. 

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One Response to Natural Remedies for Strep Throat

  1. Mena says:

    I have a question about knowing for sure that the bacteria has been overcome in their body without them being tested. Not sure how to word that better. I caused my daughter get over strep with a Vitamin C and garlic regimine (garlic being the "antibiotic" in this case). In the next couple years, I was told that the symptoms can and will reside, but that doesn't mean the bacteria isn't present. You can be a carrier without having symptoms.
    Have you heard this theory? My son and I have never contracted it so I'm trying to think of that as our proof that she isn't carrying it. I was just looking to get a natural opinion!  Thanks.

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