Pure Vitality’s FREE 30-Day Challenge

You’re tired of putting your health on the back burner during the holiday season.  By the time January rolls around, you’re uncomfortable in your skin and anxious to feel better ASAP.
You want to start eating healthier, but you’re not sure where to start—you’re overwhelmed with the constant barrage of diets and weight loss fads. They make it sound so easy, but you’ve not been successful in the past. 

Can you relate?   You need support and accountability: to eat better like a REAL person who has a family and real-life responsibilities.

That’s where the 30-Day Healthy Living Challenge comes in.

A 30-day challenge lead by the practitioners at Pure Vitality, a wellness center located in Douglasville, Georgia.  The challenge is 100% online and free to anyone who wants to participate.

While the challenge is free, you will be required to post photos and participate in order to be eligible for the benefits (see below).

What Will You Receive?

* Recipes and menu ideas designed by Pure Vitalty’s practitioners to make eating healthy easier.

* Daily videos showing you how to make small, manageable changes to your diet, how to shop, and how to fix healthy food.

* Weekly videos to inspire and motivate you to have a healthy mindset during the challenge.

* Education on how to get healthier

* A Private Facebook Group with daily check-ins to provide support and hold you accountable. The Facebook Group will be a welcoming, supportive community to empower you to work toward your goals.

* Free giveaways each week!

*The GRAND PRIZE: If you participate for the entire 30 day challenge, you get a free one-on-one consultation with one of our practitioners.

Requirements of the challenge

*Following the Paleo menu plans we provide as much as possible

*Post an introductory photo or video of who you are and what your goals are for this challenge

*Post photos of your meals regularly, updates on your progress and how you are doing throughout the 30 days

*Get on weekly group calls and the one-on-one consult at the end of the 30 day challenge

*Document how you feel before you begin the program and after the challenge

*Write a testimonial of your health improvements during the challenge

Click this Link to Join Us!

Through private group support, this 30 Day Challenge will help you feel more confident in your food choices and more comfortable in your body.

Becky, Jason, and Marie will help you break down the barriers keeping you from having the healthy body and life you want. You’ll get the tools and support you need to continue working toward your health goals in a way that works for YOU—that easily fits into your REAL life.

Questions? Email us at getpurevitality@gmail.com


This program is for anyone who is ready to take control of their health in 2018, no matter where you live