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"It's like Nourishing Traditions for Dummies!"

vibrant health becky mauldin cookbook

Becky Mauldin's Vibrant Health Cookbook

Your optimal health is easier than you think.  This book will show you how.

I've spent over 15 years compiling food secrets and recipes, and I've put the best of them together for you.  With over 175 easy gluten-free recipes, Vibrant Health provides delicious recipes that your whole family will love. 

You'll see breakthrough results that transform all kinds of beautiful bodies…Some people even notice life-changing shifts in energy and vitality within days. 

Why I wrote this book

As a Naturopath, I've searched for books to recommend to my clients for improving their diets, but so many of them were overwhelming or too complicated.  And I knew it didn't have to be…

I looked through all of my  recipe files and put together a book based on what I eat everyday.   Many years of research have gone into making this book a wealth of knowledge to anyone seeking to increase their overall health.

Becky Mauldin's Cookbook,Vibrant Health, includes:

  • How to change your diet easily: a step-by-step process
  • Simple, mouth-watering recipes: most take 30 minutes or less to prepare
  • Shopping lists and menu plans to get you started
  • Tips for families with children
  • A guide to eating out in restaurants
  • Over 175 gluten-free, dairy-free recipes
  • Raw food recipes
  • How to stock your pantry
  • How to make fermented foods

What people are saying about Becky Mauldin's Vibrant Health Cookbook:

"Vibrant Health really helped alot…it is more about eating the way God intended us to….I feel better and have more energy than I have in 20 years."    R.T., Douglasville, Ga

"A sweet friend of mine blessed me with your book.  I have loved so many recipes and so has my family.  It has really changed the way I prepare food.  Thank you for educating me and my family.  It has been a true lifestyle change."  N.B., Douglasville, Ga

"I have been implementing small things…well, I have lost 5 pounds!  I don't exercise nearly as much as I used to…and I am still losing!  Wow, I feel so blessed that you have appeared in my life and blessed me with this awesome gift of living healthy."    S. Sutton, Douglasville, Ga

"What I love about your book…is that it allows for a stress-free transition to healthy food."  R. Carpenter, Carrollton Ga

Over 190 pages and spiral bound, the book easily lies flat for use in your kitchen.  This book provides everything you need to know about making healthier choices and delicious recipes.

Vibrant Health: Simple Steps to Transform Your Health:   $20  Order your copy today!



 ‚ÄčBecky Mauldin's Recipes for Life: A Raw Food Cookbook

Uncooked doesn't have to mean unappetizing, as this cookbook and guide to a raw foods lifestyle shows- Smoked Salmon, Spinach Lasagna, Carpaccio, Vegetable Pizza with Parmesan Cream Sauce, Onion Bread, Curry Crackers, Coconut Fudge Balls, and more…

This is a collection of Becky Mauldin's favorite recipes that combine her love for good food with her raw food lifestyle. She offers over 80 recipes, from light appetizers and salads, to crackers, breads, entrees, and plenty of desserts. All of the recipes are gluten-free. The breads and crackers are made with a blend of nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, and are dehydrated at low temperatures. While raw dairy recipes are included, there are also non-dairy alternatives for those who are dairy intolerant. A large section of historical raw recipes from around the globe show how common raw dishes are in each area of the world.

As Becky says, "Having tried numerous diets and nutritional supplements, eating fresh raw foods was the only thing that changed my health from mediocre to excellent. Raw food has had such a tremendous impact on my health and well-being that I want to eat this way for life!

The recipes were designed to be as tasty as cooked food dishes, and use common ingredients available at most large health food stores. Since I eat this way all the time, I don't have time for elaborate, time-consuming recipes. Although you will have to spend SOME time in the kitchen, many recipes can be prepared in minutes, making this the ultimate fast food."

Scroll down for a sample recipe ("Tomato Feta Salad") and information on how to order your own copy of Recipes for Life: A Raw Food Cookbook.

Tomato Feta Salad

4 medium tomatoes
½ cup thinly sliced red onion
½ red bell pepper, cut into thin strips
½ yellow or orange bell pepper, cut in strips
1 small cucumber, sliced
½- 1 tsp. dried marjoram
1 cup black olives
1/3 cup olive oil
¼ cup red wine vinegar
fresh ground pepper to taste
½ lb. feta cheese, crumbled

Cut the tomatoes into 1 inch chunks.

Combine all ingredients in a salad bowl and toss gently. Let marinate an hour or so before serving.

Serves 4-6

Recipes For Life: A Raw Food Cookbook: $15.00

Contact beckymauldin@hotmail.com to pay by check or money order.