Becky Recommends

Here is a list of resources that I recommend:



  • Food Inc.  exposes the problems with the modern food system.  It can be rented from Netflix.
  • Food Matters  covers many topics that are important in understanding alternative health.  It can be watched online.

Fresh Food:  Find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area:

Kitchen equipment:

  • Vitamix    I had no idea how much I would end up using this high speed blender. I use it every single day to make smoothies, raw soups, sauces, soft serve fruit ice creams, etc…  I have an extra Vitamix container made only for DRY ingredients that I use for making rice flour from whole brown rice, flax meal from flaxseeds, and even shaved ice!  It works so much better than the grain mills  I've used in the past.  For FREE SHIPPING, use this code when you order:  06-003858.
  • Excalibur Dehydrator   The best dehydrator on the market.  It is more versatile than other dehydrators that typically have stacking trays.  I have taken the trays out and used it to make yogurt in glass jars, or to warm up a raw pear cobbler in a baking dish.  The teflex sheets are a must have for making delicious crackers and wraps.  If you are wanting to dehydrate food, get this one!

Food Products:

  • Chebe Bread  An easy and delicious gluten-free bread mix that can be made into wraps, small loaves, rolls, breadsticks, pizza crusts, calzones, turnovers, and tortillas.
  • Stevia  I recommend stevia as the best sweetener to use, but most people are not fond of the aftertaste it can have.  This particular brand of stevia by Body Ecology does not have any strange aftertaste and it works great in recipes.
  • Coconut Butter by Artisana  One of the most decadent coconut products that I have ever tasted!  It is truly raw organic puree of coconut meat that I use in smoothies, raw desserts, and eat right off the spoon.  It's that good!


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