Client Services

Returning Client Services

If you have already worked with us, either in a membership or individual services, you can continue to utilize our services to keep yourself healthy in a variety of ways.

Health Evaluations

If you are looking for seasonal maintenance or if a new challenge has come up in your health, our Bio-energetic Health Evaluations will enable you to keep you feeling your best.  Our Prevention Membership may also fit your needs- talk to your practitioner for more details.

We bio-energetically scan for organ stress, toxicity, food and environmental sensitivities, as well as nutritional and hormonal imbalances. Through a customized scan, we identify specific remedies and supplements to bring these issues back into alignment.

We offer them in-person at our wellness center or remotely if you live out of state.

  • Health Evaluation with Consultation: $150  (Does not include supplements)

1-Day Sauna Detox

As much as we try to avoid chemicals, it’s becoming difficult because they are everywhere: pesticides on produce, flame retardants on furniture, chemicals in plastics, mercury in dental fillings, parabens in skincare products, dioxin from factories, and the list goes on…. There is no escaping them now.  And that’s why detox should be a regular part of your routine to STAY healthy.

Our state-of-the-art far infrared sauna is the best way to remove those toxins from fat cells and tissues of the body.  The sauna provides many health benefits: increased energy, mental clarity, lowers inflammation, improves immune system, etc.  Read more of the benefits here. 

Our 1-Day Detox is more than just sitting in a sauna.  You’ll experience our therapeutic sauna detox protocol that combines light exercise, sauna sessions, fresh vegetable juices, and supplements so you can feel better faster!

We recommend a sauna detox 1-3 times a month for the best results.

  • 1-Day Sauna Detox: $125 (Include fresh juices and supplements)

Emotional Coaching

Tired of the crippling anxiety that is keeping you stuck?  Or does your career, marriage, or circumstance feel overwhelming…Or maybe you know what you should do, but just can’t seem to break old habits?

Coaching helps people who want to overcome fear, overwhelm, and anxiety and start to create a life that they want.   They might have a health crisis, a recent divorce, a death of a loved one or maybe they have just decided it is TIME for a positive change.

After working with us, our clients have clarity and a renewed sense of purpose so that they are able to finally ACHIEVE their GOALS.

We create a safe space for change so that you can become the best version of yourself.

$125 per 1-hour session or $500 per month for a 3-month package (in person, by phone, or online/video chat)

Rife Machine Sessions

Having trouble getting rid of an infection or other health challenge?  We provide rife frequencies that can target the pathogens making you sick.  Contact your practitioner if you need to be tested for the best frequencies to use.

$20 per rife session

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