Are you sick and tired of the struggle to feel better?DetoxAd2

  • You’ve been eating healthier, but you’re not feeling much better.
  • You’re frustrated by symptoms keeping you in a body you hate.
  • What if toxins were causing your fatigue and weight gain?
  • What if there was a way to detox so you could feel great again?

Toxic chemicals.  Even though you can’t see them or feel them, you’ve heard they are hanging out in your fat cells, slowly poisoning your body 24/7.

You try to avoid them, but no matter how clean your diet is, it just isn’t helping you feel much better.  You just feel toxic.

Toxicity is the price we all pay now for our modern way of life and as much as we try to avoid chemicals, it’s becoming difficult because they are everywhere: pesticides on produce, flame retardants on new furniture, BPA in plastics, mercury in dental fillings, environmental chemicals in drinking water, parabens in skincare products, dioxin from factories, and the list goes on…. There is no escaping them now.

To combat this, you’ve probably tried a few cleanses, but they just didn’t seem to help you feel much better.

The truth is that most detox programs help a little bit-  they may cleanse the colon or the liver, but here’s the thing: Most of them don’t address those toxins hanging out in your fat cells.  And that where the real problem is hiding.  That is what is keeping you stuck.

The Pure Body Detox is unlike any other.  It reverses the harmful effects of toxins on your health because it is so good at removing those fat soluble toxins and healing the body on a cellular level.

We believe this is the best detox out there.  Why?  We’ve seen this program do miracles.


Get results FASTER and EASIER than I did!

I can help you eliminate the frustration and overwhelm of detoxification. 

You know you need to detox your body, but you are not sure exactly what you need to do.  Should you do a juice fast, a colonic, take certain supplements, or use a sauna? 

The problem is that most people are not actually aware of what each type of detoxification is doing for their body.  Some cleanses will cause you to release more toxins than others, and others are downright dangerous!

So, if you are ready to know exactly what to do, and where to start, this course is for you!

The Pure Body Detox Course

An online training program that covers everything you need to know about detoxification.

detox course onlineThis training is for you if…

  • you are just starting your health journey and want to get on the fast track to health
  • you are stuck with a diagnosis that is keeping you struggling and searching for answers
  • you have hit a plateau in your health
  • you want to know how to stay well and reduce your body burden

If you want someone to break it down for you, showing you exactly how to detoxify your entire body, then this course is for you!

Here’s what this course will teach you…

detox course

The modules are in video format, in which two of them will be released per week, so you will learn new information every 3 days to keep you moving forward.  Along with the videos, you will get PDF transcripts of all the information that you can print out and save. 

Don’t worry if you get busy and cannot keep up because you will have lifetime access to these materials so you can proceed at your own pace and access them whenever and wherever you want! 

You will also get these free bonuses:

  • becky mauldin cook booxThe Vibrant Health Cookbook

The Vibrant Health Cookbook in ebook format.  More than just a cookbook, you will learn about healthy eating, know how to stock your pantry, get 2 weeks of menu plans and shopping lists, PLUS 175 healthy recipes that don’t taste like health food! 

  • The Sauna Resource and Buying Guidesauna

Interested in buying your own sauna?  There are so many brands and so many types to choose from!  Becky gives you her favorite brands and what to look for so you can save time and money in the long run. 

  • Access to PV Life

You’ll get access to an incredible resource site that includes all of our classes and videos about essential oils, natural remedies, tips, and recipes to make staying healthy easier!

The Pure Body Detox Course Package includes…

detox course onlineThe Pure Body Detox Course– $247 value

[7 online video series with PDF transcripts]

The Course is over 4 hours of webinar training broken up into 7 modules that gives you easy-to-understand information on all aspects of detoxification, and easy-to-implement protocols that you can use to take your health to the next level. 

It also comes with a 40-page eBook that includes a Toxicity Test, a complete detox protocol, and forms you can use to document your progress!


Cookbookcover195x300The Vibrant Health Cookbook eBook– $20 value

In this 198 page book, Naturopath Becky Mauldin, gives you the tools you will need to live your best life in this transformational book.

Much more than a cookbook, you will find that food truly is the foundation of Vibrant Health! 

This book includes  175 gluten-free, sugar-free, simple, mouth-watering recipes that are quick to prepare: most take 30 minutes or less.



saunaThe Sauna Resource and Buying Guide– $23 value

In this special report, you will get the exact brand names that Becky recommends as well as what to look for when making your own sauna buying decisions. 

As a long-term investment in your health, getting a well-made sauna from a reputable company will save you time and money.




Price: $300

Only $97

detox course

  The Pure Body Detox Course is a digital product.  After you complete payment, you will have access to the bonus material and the members area.  If you have questions, please call us at 770-920-7873.