One-On-One Memberships


Are You Ready To Feel Better Now?

The gift of good health is the greatest thing you can give yourself.

If you don’t live nearby you can still get our expert help with your health concerns by scheduling a phone or Skype consult or enrolling in one of our memberships. You get the same care and treatment you would get if you were here in person, without having to travel.

The Vitality Signature Membership

This membership is for you if your health problems have left you feeling exhausted, frustrated that doctors don’t have any answers, where you feel stuck.  You may also suffer from anxiety, depression, cravings, and even though you know what you should do, you just can’t seem to muster the strength to do it.

Our signature membership is a comprehensive, all-inclusive program that provides a high level of support and accountability so you can make a healthy life your new normal.

The Vitality Membership includes:

  • One health evaluation each month to identify the root cause keeping your body stuck and to walk you through a healing process
  • Weekly 1-hour emotional coaching sessions so you can have the support and accountability to make lasting change
  • Our Vibrant Health cookbook and menu plan for easy, healthy meals
  • Access to our members-only video library with our most popular training and classes
  • Includes 6 supplements customized to your health condition
  • Food/dietary recommendations to best support your health goals
  • Monthly subscription box of some of our favorite things: essential oils, herbal products, and more!

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Prevention Membership

This membership is for you if you have minor health issues you need to resolve or are looking to maintain your good health, and you just need a place that can help support your wellness goals.  Our Prevention Membership will enable you to keep you feeling your best.

We bio-energetically scan for organ stress, toxicity, food and environmental sensitivities, as well as nutritional and hormonal imbalances. Through a customized scan, we identify specific remedies and supplements to bring these issues back into alignment.

Getting started is easy. All we need to perform this comprehensive analysis is a hair and saliva sample. We simply send you a collection kit in the mail and you return your samples in the envelope included in the kit.  And once it’s processed, we provide a custom regimen for diet and a detailed program that includes herbs, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, and nutritional supplements, all of which can be purchased from us and mailed to you.

By having this testing done once a month, we take you through a healing process that will restore health and wellness.

  • Remote Health Evaluation with a 30-minute Consultation each month: $150 per month (Does not include supplements)

Emotional Coaching

Tired of the crippling anxiety that is keeping you stuck?  Or does your career, marriage, or circumstance feel overwhelming…Or maybe you know what you should do, but just can’t seem to break old habits?

Coaching helps people who want to overcome fear, overwhelm, and anxiety and start to create a life that they want.   They might have a health crisis, a recent divorce, a death of a loved one or maybe they have just decided it is TIME for a positive change.

After working with us, our clients have clarity and a renewed sense of purpose so that they are able to finally ACHIEVE their GOALS.

We create a safe space for change so that you can become the best version of yourself.

$500 per month (1-hour sessions once a week)

Custom Rife Frequencies

If you have a rife machine and you would like to know which specific frequencies would be best to help balance your body, we offer custom rife frequencies that are targeting specifically to your unique body.

$75 for a list of custom frequencies

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