The Bandanas

how it started…

In March of 2020, while in prayer, God told us to write healing scriptures on white handkerchiefs, pray over them, and give them to people with health problems.

Healings started happening as these handkerchiefs were put over the areas of the body that were showing signs of disease, just as they did when Paul used similar items in Acts 19:11.

God showed us that He was doing a new thing: He was using His Word, written deep in His presence, printed on fabric, combined with the power of the Holy Spirit when the items were prayed over, to defeat sickness and disease.

We printed the healing verses on T-shirts as well as a few other items that are bundled together with a booklet that teaches people the fundamentals of divine healing. Each bundle is prayed over and anointed before it is sent out.

People have received healing from autism, headaches, insomnia, bronchitis, migraines, infections, heart conditions, tumors, restless leg, skin rashes, allergies, and the list continues to grow!


Here are a few Testimonials

what’s included in each bundle

Each Bundle Includes…

  • 32 page full color booklet about healing and using the items.
  • 1 white 100% cotton, made in the USA shirts have a block of handwritten scripture on the front and back and logo on the sleeve.
  • White bandana with healing scriptures.
  • Water bottle labels.
  • Anointing oil imprinted with scriptures.
  • Card with Psalm 103 and Psalm 91 prayers for healing

To order

You can get a bandana or bundle either in person at Pure Vitality or through the Pure Vitality Ministries website at the link below.

The suggested donation amount simply covers the cost of the items in the bundle.

If you choose to sow into this ministry above the suggested amount, it enables us to freely give away bandanas to those who cannot afford it.

See Pure Vitality to order.

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