sauna Detox program

are you ready to have your life back?

You’ve tried everything, but you’re just not feeling much better.

You’re exhausted, overweight, and frustrated by the symptoms that are keeping you stuck in a body you hate.

What if there was a way to turn back time and feel better by removing the toxins that are keeping you stuck – once and for all?

What if you could feel good again and have more energy, mental clarity, and vitality in just ONE MONTH from now?

That’s what the Sauna Detox Program can do.

Toxins no longer have to hold your body hostage- with health problems you cannot escape.

Toxic chemicals.  Even though you can’t see them or feel them, you’ve heard they are hanging out in your fat cells, slowly poisoning your body 24/7.

You try to avoid them, but no matter how clean your diet is, it just isn’t helping you feel much better.  You just feel toxic.

Toxicity is the price we all pay now for our modern way of life and as much as we try to avoid chemicals, it’s becoming difficult because they are everywhere: pesticides on produce, flame retardants on new furniture, BPA in plastics, mercury in dental fillings, environmental chemicals in drinking water, parabens in skincare products, dioxin from factories, and the list goes on…. There is no escaping them now.

To combat this, you’ve probably tried a few cleanses, but they just didn’t seem to help you feel much better.

The truth is that most detox programs help a little bit-  they may cleanse the colon or the liver, but here’s the thing: Most of them don’t address those toxins hanging out in your fat cells.  And that where the real problem is hiding.  That is what is keeping you stuck.

The Sauna Detox Program is unlike any other.  It reverses the harmful effects of toxins on your health because it is so good at removing those fat soluble toxins and healing the body on a cellular level.

We believe this is the best detox program out there.  Why?  We’ve seen this program do miracles.

Feel A Level Of Health You've Never Experienced Before

Fatigue gone.  Diagnosis reversed.  Medication no longer needed.  Sounder sleep.  Allergies gone.  Emotionally balanced.  Spirits lifted.  Hope restored.

Everyone feels better when you remove the toxic chemicals from the body, and we’ve even seen it help people with the most challenging health problems.

What People Are Saying

I came to Pure Vitality from Minnesota. I had been very sick for 10 years and saw many doctors who removed many different organs and told me each time that it would help, but I never got better until I came to Pure Vitality and went thru their 30 Day Intense Detox Program. I had been dealing with severe fatigue, severe nausea, and blood in my stool. I felt like I was 80 years old. After going through their program which included FAR Infared Sauna, Ozone, Rife, and emotionally coaching, I am going home feeling like a 20 year old healthy woman! I am 45 years old.

I am so excited to go back home as a new woman! My hormones have also returned to normal. If you are tired of suffering like I was, I highly Suggest going through their program so you can live your life as intended. I cannot thank everyone there enough. Love you guys! Dede Bevers

“Going into this experience of a sauna detox, I admit I was a bit hesitant but decided to listen to my inner voice and try it.  I have been on a journey towards a healthier life and the sauna detox felt right to me.  And WOW! what an experience it’s been.

“By day 4, I began to experience a real change in the way I felt and thought.  Day 5 was an eye opening experience as my body sweated out toxins I had been carrying around for over 25 years.  How do I know this?  I smelled it on my dry skin.  At this point, I truly believed in the process and the path I am taking for better health.  I can’t thank Becky enough for all she has done for me.  I am excited about life and my future and where I am headed.  The sauna WORKS!!”

Charlotte Mitchell

This is the same program that our Naturopath, Becky Mauldin, used to reverse her own health problems when she was at the end of her rope after doctors and practitioners had given up on her and NOTHING was working.  This program RESTORED HER HEALTH.

Four weeks from now, you can still be Googling the next new supplement or cleanse to turn your health around.

Or you can finally be free from your fears and frustrations, experiencing more energy than you’ve had in as long as you can remember, and living life to the fullest again.

Detox program includes:

  • 4 health evaluations to set up a unique, custom-to-you supplement protocol to address the root causes of your health concerns and to monitor your progress throughout the program
  • 4-week detox in our far-infrared sauna using a therapeutic protocol proven to remove toxins at an accelerated rate
  • Supplements for the entire detox program, including niacin, electrolytes, trace minerals, etc…
  • 8 1-hour coaching sessions to help you establish a healthy mindset so you can break free from unhealthy habits for good!
  • A food plan customized to you- to nourish your body and reduce cravings so you can feel your best

Investing in your health is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  This program will help you reclaim your body AND your life.  This is the fastest path to a body and a life you adore.

If you are ready to….

  • Stop trying different alternative therapies every month in desperation and to no avail
  • Finally achieve lasting change in your health, once and for all
  • Remove decades of toxins that have been trapped inside your fat cells
  • Transform your body from the inside out at a cellular level
  • Feel a level of awesome you’ve never felt before, which leads to a truly empowered life free of fear, frustration, and cravings.

We are waiting for you.

This program is not for everyone.  Please only apply if you feel ready to FULLY invest in yourself….in every way.

If you are, and you’re ready to jump in with both feet- then let’s get started.

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