Meet Our Practitioners


Becky Mauldin ND

Becky Mauldin is a Naturopath and founder of Pure Vitality.   Prior to working with clients, she had her own health struggles, which led her to seek answers in alternative medicine.  10 years ago, she was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity from exposure to chemical toxins and mold, and she recovered her health using natural methods, specifically detoxification.

Author of the book, Vibrant Health, she has helped thousands of people reverse disease through diet, lifestyle changes, and detoxification.

She is also the founder and primary instructor of the Pure Vitality University Practitioner Course, which is an online education program that provides holistic practitioners with a strong skill-set in the specific protocols so they can have the confidence and expertise to get results, and be an expert in alternative medicine.

Karen Bellon CHHP

Karen graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 2001. Selling her practice after the birth of her daughter, led her down a different path, that of teaching. As a teacher of Anatomy and Physiology, she has a strong knowledge of how the body works.

Always interested in healing the body naturally, Karen went through the Pure Vitality University Practitioner Course, graduating in 2017, and she recently finished the Pure Vitality Mastery internship program with Becky Mauldin. Karen is now a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the AADP.

Karen uses her knowledge of Holistic Health to create personalized solutions to help clients take back their health naturally and learn about what is good for their body.

Jason Mauldin

Jason Mauldin is certified through the Transformational Coaching Method and helps people overcome fear, overwhelm, and anxiety, so they can create a life that they want.  

Husband to Becky Mauldin, he has personally experienced the stress and strain of living with someone with chronic disease.  He knows firsthand the emotional strain that can place on a family and a marriage, and because of that experience, is able to use his unique skill set to support to those in the midst of chronic disease as well as the family members that support them. 

As a highly intuitive coach, he creates a safe space for change so that people can become the best version of themselves.

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