pure Vitality ministries

 Pure Vitality Ministries is a branch of Pure Vitality that is not for profit.

 We equip people to share the love and healing power of Jesus with others, so that together, we can change the world.

 We are best known for our white bandanas covered in scripture, which God has used to bring healing to so many people!

 Want to join our mission?   Visit us https://purevitalityministries.com/


Psalm 103 Healing Prayer Card

Debbie was feeling flu-like symptoms and had been in bed for a week.  She had already taken the strongest antibiotic there was, but she was not getting better.  After listening to these prayers, she says, “I am practically running around the yard now.  What an amazing difference!  I am just so thankful to be out of bed.”

Debbie Alexander, Florida

healing the sick in our community

Blindness Healed

This woman came to one of our Open House events and was prayed for by our team for her blindness.  She came into the building unable to walk unassisted but left walking on her own seeing!!

Rotator Cuff Healed

After Becky shared her testimony at a local church, this minister came up for prayer for a rotator cuff injury that he had for over a year. The next day he had no more pain and was able to play pickle ball for 4 hours using that arm!

Alopecia Healed

This woman had struggled with alopecia for 5 years and nothing was helping.  She got one of our bandana bundles and after using the bandana on her head every night and anointing her scalp with oil, hair started growing back!

ready to learn how to do this too?

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If you are tired of being sick and tired, this book is going to equip you with the practical application of operating according to God’s kingdom. 

  • Learn how to be a carrier of Holy Spirit revival fire
  • Heal the sick and see God touch them
  • Become free of demonic strongholds
  • See others set free in your community
  • Includes 12 videos of each chapter with additional content

Download the eBook by clicking on the book cover below. 

Spiritual Bootcamp eBook free download: Click Here To Access

If you would like a physical copy of the book, order one at www.purevitalityministries.com.

We are a ministry in the marketplace where we equip the body of Christ for the spiritual battle we are in!

We spread the gospel through our books, teachings, workshops, bundles, bandanas, and other items covered in scripture.

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Get a bandana

Our heart is to give the bandana bundles away to those we minister to and to those who cannot afford it. If you would like one, see our website here: https://purevitalityministries.com/

battle ready training

If you are fed up with the evil in the world and want to make a difference, this training is for you.  You’ll learn how to pray for the sick, provide inner healing, deliverance and more.

worship nights

If you are local to Douglasville, every Tuesday night we get together to spend time in God’s presence.  We’ve seen Him heal, deliver, and transform people during this time with Him.

Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

from graves to gardens

We help people get well in mind, body, and spirit, and teach them how to pass it on to others, so that together, we can change this world for God’s glory. 

We are best known for our white bandanas covered in scripture that God is using to bring healing and freedom to so many people!

To learn more, see Pure Vitality Ministries.com

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