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Yoga And Body Image

Welcome to Pure Vitality’s vlog, where we share authentic discussion on a variety of topics to help you on your health journey.  Today, Marie Elam and Kemiko Lawrence discuss the misconceptions about yoga and body image that abound in our culture. Let us know...

Do You Need a Detox?

Happy mother carrying baby daughter child in sling on city street at sunset.

Mother with baby on city street at sunsetDo you feel fatigued, sluggish, lack mental clarity, have trouble sleeping, crave junk foods, or just feel toxic?

DIY Smart Meter Shield

Wooden table with laptop, glasses, wallet and cup of coffee

Smart meters emit a type of radiation, similar to wifi, that pulses about once or twice per minute in short, strong bursts.

How to keep your liver healthy

If you live on planet Earth, your liver is working overtime to keep your blood clean of toxic chemicals!  Keeping it functioning well is going to help keep you well. You can support your liver by eating a clean, natural diet, avoiding chemicals and drugs, and doing...

Green Your Spring Cleaning With Easy DIY Recipes

With the Sun finally peeking out, and pollen in the air, many of us are about to start our spring cleaning.  With most indoor air quality being more toxic than the outdoor, we wanted to share some eco-friendly, non-toxic ways to clean your home. Why not use store...

The Breakfast Challenge: Finding What Fuels Your Body

Here at Pure Vitality we get asked all the time, “what do you eat?”  “Where do you get your protein? What should I be eating?”  So I want to give you clarity when it comes to the best way to start your day. The answer?  There is no “one...