SmartMeterMemeSmart meters emit a type of radiation, similar to wifi, that pulses about once or twice per minute in short, strong bursts.  While the industry is telling people that they are safe and not a health hazard, I’ve seen the harm they have done as I’ve worked with my clients here at Pure Vitality.

One client had a new baby and after he was born, he slept in a bedroom that was on the same wall as their smart meter.  Since he was sleeping within a few feet of the smart meter, the radiation was significantly affecting his health.  He didn’t sleep well, had digestive problems, and was generally fussy.  After I recommended that the mother get the smart meter removed or blocked, she was able to get the electric company to switch it back to a safe analog meter.  Within hours of getting the smart meter removed, the baby slept well, and his digestive problems went away.  Other clients have noticed more headaches when in close proximity to smart meters.

It is very alarming to me that these type of meters are being installed on every house without any proof that they are safe.  A quick Google search will pull up many stories about people that start feeling worse after the installation of a smart meter on their home.  The health effects are dependant on how close to the smart meter you are, and how many hours a day you are near it.   The intensity of the radiation drops off significantly as the distance from it increases.   This type of radiation travels through walls, so keep that in mind.  Try to stay at least 15 feet or more away from smart meters.

Smart Meter Radiation

After we moved into our nice, new office, I found out that the smart meter on the exterior wall of my office gave me a headache and a drained feeling after being so close to it all day long.   Using a radio frequency meter, I was able to measure the amount of radiation that I was being exposed to in my office.

When I tried to find some DIY shields for smart meters, there was not much information online about how to effectively block smart meter radiation.  So after a few hours of research, I decided to use something that would absorb the radiation, not just deflect it.  We also have a cell phone tower not to far from our building and when you use shielding materials, you have to be careful in how you shield from various sources.

I decided to try lead sheeting, since it stops most other forms of radiation.  Because of it’s high density, and high atomic number, not much can pass through lead.  Yes, it is a heavy metal and is toxic if ingested, but for this application, it is safe as long as you wear gloves while handling it.

I bought 36″ x 48″ lead sheets in 1/32 inch thickness from Amazon.  I screwed them to the wall the smart meter was on so that it covered the wall several feet past the smart meter in every direction to block the radiation.  Here is what it looks like before being painted.


I also cut a small strip of the lead and wrapped it around the edge of the meter to block any radiation coming in from an angle.  Here is a photo.


The nice thing about lead is that it does not need to be grounded, like other metals commonly used for shielding.  It only will block the radiation right behind the sheet, so be sure to get a large enough sheet to cover the area you want to protect.  Then you can paint the metal, or cover it with another material so no one can touch it once it is installed.

Smart Meter Shield

So, did it work?  Yes!  I verified it with my meter and no radiation was being emitted into my office.  I am now able to sit in my office all day long without any health problems.

Are you safe from smart meter radiation?  Check to see where you might be exposed to smart meter radiation at home.  Is your meter on an exterior wall of your bedroom or living room where you or your family spends a lot of time?  If so, then you may want to take precautions like I did.