Sometimes I wish I could have you over for a cup of herbal tea and show you around my kitchen.  Well, grab some tea and come on over and I will show you one of my favorite rooms of my house!


















I live and work in a log home that my husband and I built 12 years ago.  Because we designed and built our log house, I was able to create my dream kitchen.  I designed it to be bright and open, with an old-fashioned European/country French look.  I wanted my house to look old from the first day it was built, and we achieved that look by recyling cabinets, flooring, and other building supplies from other houses or buildings that were being remodeled. 

The kitchen has a countertop that connects to the dining area, which makes it perfect for cooking classes that I do.  The kitchen cabinets were old polyurethaned knotty pine that I sanded down, painted, and antiqued to make them look old.  I love the pot rack above my stove, which allows me to easily reach my pots and pans.  I even hang pots and other cooking utensils from the log walls. 

The base cabinets near the stove are covered with fabric on swing-arm curtain rods, instead of cabinet doors.  That is where I store my larger pots, baking pans and dishes, and my large stash of nutritional supplements that we use instead of medication. 

There is a large pantry right off the kitchen that holds a ton of items in glass containers with labels that are easy to read.  Wanting a vintage look, I made the shelves from recycled wood and made the wooden brackets myself.  There is a countertop along the back which makes a great workspace for getting ingredients together for recipes. 

Next to the pantry is a recessed area under our stairs that we made into a desk with shelves for all of my cookbooks.  This is where I sit and write down each week’s menu plan and grocery list.  While I have quite a collection of cookbooks, I get most of my recipes from blogs or Pinterest, which is my newest addiction!  Check out my Pinterest page for some of my favorite easy recipes.

Old fashioned wooden spoons are my favorite cooking utensils.  I keep them in a container right next to the stove and cutting board.


I have a tray of frequently used cooking items in the same area that has olive oil, sea salt, vinegar, fresh garlic, vanilla extract, stevia and seasonings so everything is within reach while I am cooking.

Before I was a Naturopath, I had more time on my hands to play in the kitchen.  I used to spend hours learning new recipes or making sourdough bread, kimchi, or kefir.  Now that I have a full-time practice, finding the time to spend in the kitchen is more challenging.  Making quick and easy recipes has been a huge key for me to stay sane and eat well during busy work weeks.  My Vibrant Health cookbook is a collection of the recipes I make most often because they are easy and healthy.  I really enjoy cooking, so making time on the weekends to prepare food is a priority of mine.  

I hope you enjoyed my kitchen tour!  If you are in the Douglasville area and want to learn more about what we have going on here at Pure Vitality, we would love to offer you a mug of our comfort tea and show you around. 

What are some of your favorite things about your kitchen?